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Fracture Characterization

Seismic data contains more information than only the information we can visually extract from a stacked image. Prestack gathers can be used to extract rock properties. By analyzing the differential moveout of events with azimuth we can invert for fracture properties of a reservoir. To isolate the azimuthal anisotropy to a rock property of a formation we recommend VTI or TTI depth imaging before analyzing the effect. The full azimuth Earth Study 360 migration preserves the azimuthal anisotropy, so that we can analyze and invert the azimuthal traveltime delay by AVAZ and VVAZ analysis. The main fracture properties of a reservoir, the fracture density and orientation can be display most effectively in vector maps. The fracture density is color coded while the orientation is shown by arrows. We use custom mapping tools to display your data in the most effective way, optionally incorporating well locations, fault interpretations or other spatial information.

Figure 1: LEFT: Common Image Gather showing a strong HTI effect RIGHT: Fracture Property Map (Color: Fracture Density, Vector: Orientation)