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Acquisition QC & Consulting

An optimum processing result requires excellent raw data and highly professional processing skills. Petrologic Geophysical Services GmbH strives right from the start to achieve highest seismic data quality. Our team of geophysicists with considerable field experience offer the following services:

Custom-made Survey Design

We check your basic survey parameters like target depth, dips, area size, required resolution, calculate fold and offset distribution and develop a custom made Survey Design. Developed especially for urban areas or rough terrain, software like Green Mountains MESA creates a survey that fits your needs and budget.

Our support is not just office-based - long before a survey starts we go out in the field and scout the area. Potential difficulties are recognized before they become problems. We look for legal, agricultural, environmental and climatic reasons to figure out the best time of the year to perform the survey. We determine the optimum source and recording parameters and equipment and assist you in formulating precise tender documents for your acquisition contractors.

Seismic Quality Control

Seismic data acquisition today has reached a high standard.
Accurate field parameters and geometry, especially for 3D surveys, are essential for successful data processing and for interpretation.

Petrologic Geophysical Services GmbH therefore offers new field based services -bird dogging and seismic on line quality control

Bird dog
  • Working as clients representative
  • General equipment checks
  • Daily quality checks
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting

  • Geometry planning
  • Online seismic data control
  • Geometry check
  • SPS files