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Legacy Seismic Data Reprocessing / Reconstruction of survey geometry

The reprocessing of legacy seismic data with state of the art algorithms and our advanced processing techniques may increase the seismic image significantly. The variety of 2D and 3D seismic data from different vintages and acquisition settings can be unified into one consistent solution.

We are able to input seismic raw data from different legacy tape formats into our processing system. Coordinates and acquisition geometry can be reconstructed manually on the basis of the available field documentation such as observer logs, recording sheets, location maps, etc. provided from archive material or even as paper plots.

We have wide experiences with vintage seismic data reprocessing projects where we were supplied with a conglomerate of legacy data containing a variety of information and seismic records. The collection of data is screened, sorted and prepared for processing. If necessary we try to restore partly lost navigation information or corrupt data. The rehashed seismic data is merged with the compiled geometry database forming the basis for an accurate reprocessing.